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Your Roleplay,Citybuild,Skyblock,HideAndSeek,Minecraft Server

Welcome to InfinityCraft, your server for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. On our server you can buy plots, build your own empire, meet some nice people, play Skyblock and have a lot of fun.

Build your own house, work at one of our numerous companies, collect resources in our adventurous farm worlds and shop in the most beautiful boutiques of the digital minecraft world. Trade with other players and become one of the most influential people on our server.

The possibilities are infinite (∞).
Have fun and much success! We look forward to you!


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Our Logo

Our rounded logo includes our heraldic animal, the InfinityDragon in the form of an infinite loop on a yellow background. He is a highly mystical and fabulous creature who guards and protects our server and players. Some say they saw him in Dragonville. But can that really be true? Is the legend actual veritable? Find it out by yourself. Maybe you will discover one or the other secret during your search. It's worth it.










What We Offer to You

Citybuild and Roleplay

Six cities where you can build. Plots in different sizes. From tiny to huge. From simple to exclusive. There are four other cities that set the scene for your roleplay. Swimming pools, cinemas, museums, castles, theme parks, shopping centers, beaches, and much more. There is so much to discover. All this and much more, right on your favourite server.

Jobs, Shops and Economy

Numerous jobs that offer enough variety and challenge. A construction market that can offer you almost everything. A variety of small shops where you can save money. Create your own shop and become a good businessman. Or an entire store chain? Become one of the most powerful and richest persons on our server.


The adventurous gamemode Skyblock is about survival with minimal resources. Farm at your own island and turn a few blocks into an impressive empire. Through LuckyBlocks and regular SkyDrops the possibilities are infinite. Play together with your friends or act completely on your own. The success is all in your hands.

Farm Worlds

Humans have always been hunters and gatherers. Once you have started, you can no longer resist the stimulus. In our farm worlds you will find everything your heart desires, you just have to search for it. And there are many other things to discover. Get ready for an adventure ... or more, because our farm worlds are regularly reset.


A variety of minigames that offer diversity and entertainment. From miscellaneous parkours and JumpAndRuns, to HideAndSeek, to an InfinityQuiz, there is something for everyone. And should you be bored despite this huge amount of games, you can search in some adventurous cities for valuable treasures and one or the other secret.

Statistics and Achievements

If you play diligently, you will be rewarded. Thanks to our achievement system, hard-working players get exactly what they deserve: Great items and lots of money. In addition, numerous statistics give you information about what you have achieved already and what you can obtain furthermore. Compete with your family, friends and other players and earn infinite fame.

Stories and Legends

InfinityCraft doesn't only have a great story, it also contains many legends, treasures and secrets just waiting to be discovered by you. Went on the journey and discover the secrets of the legendary InfinityDragon. But beware, because here and there may be a danger hiding. But a brave adventurer like you can't be deterred by that, is it?

Friendly Community

An community with nice and helpful people. Support if you need help. A friend system that makes it easy for you to interact and communicate with other players. An server team that makes sure that no one harms you and always has an open ear for you. We are here for you!

Much More

Fast and powerful servers that run around the clock to give you a fluid gaming experience anytime. Functional and activated redstone circuits. Regular updates and new features. 100% ad-free. Unlimited fun and joy with infinite possibilities. A server that comes from the bottom of our hearts ❀ ...


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Discover Our Beautiful Towns in Citybuild



Sandfall is the first city in our hierarchy. Here you can claim a free plot and lay the foundation for your career and wealth. Just go to Sandfall, look for a free plot (/p auto) and enter /p claim in the chat. Much success!

1.000 Coins


Cheap but quite small plots are available in Gravelhill. On this huge gravel hill are often simple houses. You can buy a plot by looking for a free one (/p auto) and enter on the plot /p claim in the chat.

2.000 Coins


Darkwood is the city for the healthy middle class. The plots are larger than in Gravelhill and Sandfall, but also more expensive. Also here, you get a plot with /p claim. A free plot can be found quickly with /p auto.

5.000 Coins


Seahaven is the city of the seafarers and the successfull dealers. whose plots in Sandfall, Gravelhill and Darkwood are no longer enough. A free plot you can call after the input /p claim your own.

10.000 Coins


Emeraldbay is the city of the rich and beautiful. Only the top layer of InfinityCraft lives here. Anyone who owns a villa here has worked long and hard for it. The plots are large and noble, but also expensive.

15.000 Coins


Those in need of more adventures are drawn to other heavenly bodies. But before we start and discover other planets, a journey to our moon is the next logical step. Who has not dreamed of a moon plot yet? In Moonriver this dream finally becomes reality. It's a small step for a man, but a big leap for InfinityCraft. Welcome to Moonriver!










Those Who Do Not Want to Obey the Law Must Leave the Area Where They Apply


If you want to play on our server, you have to pay attention to the following rules. They ensure that every player on our server is treated fairly and respectfully. If you violate the rules, you can be kicked and / or banned. Please read them before you start to play and keep them in mind. By entering our server you accept our rules automatically.


If you were banned for the first time, you have the option to submit a request for pardon via our contact form. Please explain in this application, when and why you were banned and what your player name is. In addition, your application should contain a justification or apology for your behavior. Please note that it may take some time before you will get an answer. Also keep in mind that we do not respond to applications that are incomplete or contain lies. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Instructions Right

The InfinityCraft server-team has the full instructions right. If you don't follow the instructions, then you will be warned or kicked. If this happens multiple times, you will be banned. The team members don't have to justify themselves. You have to follow the instructions!


Frequently Asked Questions, Clever Answers
Tap a question to reveal its answer...

InfinityCraft is your Citybuild, Roleplay, Survival, and Skyblock server. Here you can buy plots, build up your own empire, meet some nice people and have a lot of fun. Please read the info and the rules at the beginning. If you have any questions, you can always ask for help via our contact form, on our Discord server or in the game chat.

On our server there are different cities, which vary in plot size and price. Since you probably are not yet blessed with money at the beginning, you can get a small plot in our town Sandfall for free. To do this, enter /sandfall in the game chat. With /p auto you will be teleported to an empty plot. You can claim this with /p claim. With /p home you will come back to your plot from anywhere.

You can teleport to your plot by entering /p home in the game chat. If you own multiple plots, you can use /p homes to get a list of all of your plots. These are enumerated. With /p home 2 you directly teleport to the second property in your list.
With /sethome you can additionally set another arbitrary home point to which you can teleport with /home from anywhere.

With /skyblock you come into our Skyblock world. Then you can claim an island with /is claim. With /is home you can always teleport to your island. Have fun!

You will get the rank resident (Bewohner), if you buy a plot in another city than Sandfall. You can buy more ranks with /rank with in-game money. Ranks like Supporter, Moderator or Admin are not purchasable.

You can earn money by working. All available jobs will be displayed when you type /jobs in the in-game chat.
You can also get 200 InfinityCoins, a precious sparkling diamond, a unique auspicious luckyblock and a sugary sweet cookie every day by voting for InfinityCraft. Just submit the form with your Xbox Live Gamertag at the serverlist and enter /vote into the in-game chat afterwards.

For an overview of important and helpful commands which you can use on InfinityCraft, enter /commands into the in-game chat.

You can either farm your food for free by yourself or you can buy it in one of the many shops. You can farm food in one of our jobs, for example at InfinityFood. With /infinityfood you can be teleported there. You can reach the shops with /shops. Two shops that specialize in the sale of food are the bakery and the butchery. With /warp bakery and /warp butchery you can reach them directly. Enjoy your meal!

Here you will learn how to create a sales sign for your shop. So other players can easily buy items from you, even when you are not online. The earned money is always transferred immediately to your account. For all the price freedom, please stay fair. Excessively exaggerated prices are not welcome and can be considered fraudulent.

Where do I have to place the sign?

Directly on, next to or above a chest. You fill the chest before or after creating the sign with the items to be sold.

What must be on the sign?

You let release the first line of the sign.

In the second line, you write the number of items that are to be sold for a price set by you. Make sure that this is just a number. Do NOT write letters, words or other signs here.

Note the price in the third line, but make sure that only numbers are allowed here, no letters, currency symbols or other. The selling price may amount to a maximum of 1000 InfinityCoins.

In the last line you note the item id of the item to be sold. You will learn how to find out the item id in the next section.

How do I get the item id for my item?

Take the item you want to sell in your hand. Now enter the command /iteminfo in the chat. You will now receive the information about the item. Below that is also the item id (for example 5:1 on spruce planks).

If you still have problems creating your sales sign, just ask for help in the in-game chat. We will try to help you as much as possible.

Attention: Signs are NOT to secure your chests. The chests on your plot are safe. They can only be opened by you and the players you give helpers rights on your plot.

A warp is a point that every player can teleport at any time by using the command /warp. You can request a warp from an admin or Tim. You can do this in the game chat (if one of them is online), or via Discord, Instagram or the contact form. A warp costs 1.000 InfinityCoins. For your warp we need a unique name and a place where it should be placed. Please include these two things in your message to us. Thank you!

If you want to build in creative mode, feel free to apply on our monthly building battles in Creativeyard. Of course, the participation is free and you also have the opportunity to win great prizes. To geht to the building battle enter /creative in the game chat.

Building in creative mode is unfortunately not possible in other cities because our server has an extensive and complex ecosystem. Each player has to earn the money for his plots, blocks and items. With the blocks and items can be built or traded. One of your goals on InfinityCraft could be to become one of the most richest players. For that you can build your own shop or your own shop, or work tirelessly at our numerous companies.

To protect this economic system and its fairness, unfortunately, it is only possible to play in survival mode outside of Creativeyard. We ask for your understanding, thank you!

If you find a mistake, please let us know. You can do this through the contact form on this website or via discord in the channel #bugreports. Thank you for your help!

There may be several reasons why you might not come to the server. First of all, you should check that you have the correct server address and port specified correctly. The correct server address is The correct port is the default port 19132.

If it still does not work, you can try it with our alternative domain The port remains the same.

If that too has no positive effects, please check if you use the same Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Version as the server. The current version is 1.21.2.

If the IP, port and version match the information, please make sure that your IP has not been banned. You can also contact us for this information or further help via the contact form or via Discord.

If you want to be unbanned you have to write an unban request. It is important, that you can only be banned once. If you have been banned for the umpteenth time, further unban is unfortunately not possible. Please keep to the rules, especially if you have been banned before.

Here is a list of things to include in your unban request.

First of all, you should write in your request what your player name is and when and why you were banned.

Also, a justification should be included to clarify possible misunderstandings and perhaps an apology. Unban requests containing false informations (lies) or incomplete will be rejected. Therefore always make sure that you tell the full truth.

Here is a small outline of what your unban request should look like:


Your player name / reason


Here should be, when and why you were banned. In addition, you should also describe the situation in your view, in which you have been banned.

Justification / Apology

Here you can defend yourself and justify or apologize for your behavior.

You can submit your unban request via the contact form on this website or via our Discord server. Please note that we only answer to unban requests which are complete and true.

Please be patient. In some cases, it may take a few days for your unban request to be processed. Usually this should happen within 24 hours.

We wish you much luck to your unban!

YouTube: InfinityCraft
Instagram: @InfinityCraftDE
𝕏 (Twitter): @InfinityCraftDE
Threads: @InfinityCraftDE
Mastodon: @InfinityCraft
Tellonym: @InfinityCraft

You can only apply as a supporter over your behavior. We choose the most active, helpful and competent players after a while to offer them the supporter rank. To become a higher rank, you have to be a supporter first.

We are grateful for any kind of support. There are many ways to help and participate. The four most important ones are listed below:

1. Recommend

If you like our server, we would be happy if you recommend us to your family, friends and acquaintances. When more great players play on InfinityCraft, more fun it is.

2. Vote

Of course, you can also vote for InfinityCraft on the server list . Because more votes for InfinityCraft mean that InfinityCraft gets a higher ranking in the server list. This means there will be more new players on the server, and so many great new people will come to see InfinityCraft. The same applies here: More great players lead to more fun and entertainment. For each vote, you also get a great reward: 200 InfinityCoins, a precious sparkling diamond, a unique auspicious luckyblock and a sugary sweet cookie. If you become the top voter of the month, you will also receive a full month's VIP for free. It is worth it for both sides.

3. Help players

Helping new and needy players on the server is another way to support InfinityCraft. We have already an active, attentive, social and knowledgeable server team, but we can not be online around the clock to provide 24/7 support. If you already know the server, we are very grateful for your help. You can also show us how helpful and obliging you are. We often offer players who show such signs a place in our server team. So it is worth it for everyone involved.

4. Donate

If you want to support InfinityCraft even more, there is also the opportunity to donate. The further development of InfinityCraft costs a lot of time and money, which we can not handle alone in the long term. With every donation, you can make a decisive contribution to making InfinityCraft even longer. And be assured: Every cent donated is 100% invested in the preservation and development of InfinityCraft. As a thank you for your donation, you will receive the VIP rank that gives you exclusive features. More informations can be found in the next section.

What is VIP?

VIP access allows you to enter InfinityCraft even when the server is full. In addition, in the chat, the [VIP] tag is right in front of your rank. In addition, you get access to some cool and exclusive features only for VIP members. With the command /size you can change the size of your game character. Last but not least, you can use /particles to set particles that make you look cool in any situation. More exclusive VIP features coming soon ...

How do I get VIP?

You get VIP as a small return if you donate for InfinityCraft. Starting with a donation of 5,- € you will receive 5 months and from a donation of 10,- € a whole year VIP access to InfinityCraft. If more you donate, then you will longer receive your VIP status. In addition, you can get a month VIP by becoming topvoter of the month.

Why should I donate?

First of all: You can also use almost all functions on InfinityCraft, without donating. We built InfinityCraft so you can spend great and exciting hours with your friends, even without paying anything. But it takes a lot of time and money for InfinityCraft to provide this gaming experience. We can not pay this alone on a permanent basis. Therefore we are dependent on donations. Every cent of your donation will be invested in the further development of InfinityCraft. As a thank you, you will receive VIP access for your donation.

How can I donate?

Unfortunately donations can usually only be accepted via paysafecard. If you are ready for a small donation, please contact us via the contact form. We are grateful for each donation and it helps us to keep InfinityCraft alive and improving.

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